Client Groups

We provide project and assignment support to a broad spectrum of sector clients.


InfectCheck is the enterprise single-source solution for the documented implementation of CDC, FDA, workers comp insurance compliance, and administration for infectious disease avoidance protocols.

auis.eduAmerican University of Integrative Sciences (AUIS)

AUIS is an American medical school, based on the Caribbean island of Barbados. Along with their MD program, AUIS offers a variety of other medical courses and pre-med programs.

Established Educational Institutions:

  • Who seek to leverage IEMR expert resources for expansion initiatives under a structured assignment specific consultancy relationship.
  • Who are initiating a specific project needing specialized support for a defined period of time; typically including training of internal resources to assume sustainable administration post deployment without adding permanent payroll increases.

Startup Educational Institutions who:

  • Require experienced expertise to launch their initiative through either outsourcing and or ongoing support; including consultation services, and training of internal human capital resources.
  • Who seek to greatly reduce the startup learning curve without experiencing traditional ramp up and human resource educational cost.

IEMR Services

Business Planning

A Comprehensive Approach

Short tail planning in support of Long tail strategic planning objectives, Market positioning, Capitalization assessment, implementation planning and financial direction, Human resource administration, development and compliance

Finance & Compliance

Discipline and Details

Third party Bursar Functionality including Contract Negotiations, AR/AP Administration, Back office as “Turn Key”, US Credentialing and Compliance, International program supervision and regulatory support.

Academic Services

Faculty training and development includes Development of Learning and Program outcomes for US Medical education (American Association of Medical  Colleges and LCGME) standards development, Educational material construction System-based curricula,  Faculty and Clinical Preceptor administration and compliance oversight.

Clinical Sciences

US Clinical Skills & Experience
  • Academic support during Clinical rotations,
  • Clinical curriculum management with third party verification of clinical experience.
  • Academic materials development; Clinical Clerkship Administration;
  • Preceptor and Hospital affiliations;
  • Program scheduling and supervision;
  • Preparatory programs for Medical Licensing Examination: USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK and USMLE Step 2 CS

Advanced Clinical Skills training with White Label Access to Hi-Def Simulation based Clinical Skills laboratory and Digital Classroom, ECFMG certification process

IT Services

and High Level Support

Our IT Services include:

  • Student Information Systems (SIS) development,
  • Application Implementation and Systems Integration, 
  • Management support, 
  • API development, 
  • CRM implementation and management,
  • Educational Learning Management Systems
  • White Label Tracking and support technology.

Physical Plant & Contract

A Comprehensive Approach
  • Physical Office in the US for clients requiring a US physical presence;
  • Student support facilities;
  • Student Housing management;  
  • Transportation;
  • Proprietary communication; Regional sensitivity to local compliance,
  • US and International locations,
  • Professional standards and Liaison service.